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That said, given what Asuna says, I think A Murder Case would come first, since that's when she first started to develop feelings for Kirito, and then the duelling... it's after those two events that Asuna starts defrosting and becomes less the hardass KoB subleader as in the OP.

I really hope they'll bring off the co-defrosting well. Kirito begins Asuna's defrosting, then after his heart has frozen, Asuna defrosts him.
Well, originally the duel was supposed to happen in the spot Aria Retconned over, right?

In any case, I got the impression that Asuna was already partially de-frosted by the time of Murder.

For me, I guess my preference for seeing the duel (if it happened first) is because it seems to make more sense as a seminal rebounding event, after Red Nose Reindeer.

Anyway, if we take Aria, Rondo and Monochrome as canon, then I'd argue that the defrosting took place in stages.

In ARM, Asuna is defrosted slightly, so she can speak to Kirito on an amicable basis. More significantly, Kirito guides her out of her suicidal state of mind we see in Aria.

In RNR, Kirito is frozen solid by the trauma of the events of RNR.

The impression I got from the beginning of Murder was that both Asuna and Kirito were on a highly amicable basis. There's no way the opening exchanges of Murder could occur with Asuna still frozen.

More likely, I think it's Kirito who needed more healing than Asuna ever did.

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