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Originally Posted by nikorai View Post

indeed. now there's a good way to get on people's nerves.
the dialogue was something like this
- 今日は一緒に帰る
- 誰が
- 祐一が
- 誰と
- 私と
- どうして
- 約束したからだよ
- 誰が etc
Ah, that classic scene from the game. Yuuichi sure is bored, and credit must be given to Nayuki for actually having the patience to play along.

I'm glad that part was included. Kyo-Ani basically kept the whole thing line by line, and I think I practically recited it as I remembered from the game.

Another funny bit they kept from the game was the poster scene, when Yuuichi was looking at the dental hygiene poster rather than the Dance Ball poster Nayuki was referring to.
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