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Let's not sell the TSAB totally short here.

Keep in mind that they've pushed through a complete tactical and technological overhaul within the last ten years (and ten years of peacetime, at that.) In A's, the whole cartridge system was a historical curiosity used in a practically-mythological past; by Strikers everyone has a cartridge-fired device, to the point where they issue 'em to rookies. That represents a significant upgrade in firepower, especially for mages who aren't necessarily super-strong to begin with; you can compensate by expending more ammo, as it were.

But they've obviously not mastered the transition. Why not? Could just be tactics out of the old manual, where you can't go hog-wild on the magical gunplay without completely exhausting your unit, especially if you have a lot of conservative leadership types (and face it, that's what Genya is, no?) Could also be that there's a shortage of the ammunition in the first place - Nanoha may fire 'em as if they were free, but we have no idea how universally well-supplied those ground units are. And again, we don't know how seriously TSAB ground takes its job... think the difference between US Army training in the '30s and in 1942.

So what's the lesson that the TSAB ground forces could learn from this? Well, first off, the front-line units are not useful when deployed against small teams of elite forces - they're just handled too unskillfully to work that way. Their past history suggests that deploying a number of smaller teams as fast reaction units will be effective; Nanoha showed, not just that you can kick ass if you toss three S-rank mages in a squad, but that you can get results even from normal-power-level mages if you work their ass off in training. What man has done, man can aspire to...

If the TSAB pulls their head out of their ass (and having a significant chunk of your leadership eliminated can be conducive to that), they'll be forming a lot of Riot Force 6s. A couple of veteran aces, a few promising rookies, a punishing training regimen, and you have a fast reaction force you can count on to hold the line while the big formations form up. Special forces, basically?

Then again, maybe they'll just make a ton of combat cyborgs. Jail, for all his goofiness, has shown that you can develop working combat cyborgs without being hideously inhumane to them - or at least not so inhumane that it effects their loyalty. We don't actually know that relics were used in the production of the Numbers, do we? If not, then you can make a whole bunch of cyborgs if you want to. And if Subaru and Ginga turned out basically okay, well, then they're not all monsters... and if you're going to be an organization that sends little girls out to fight your wars anyway, you might as well be one that sends out SUPER little girls to do it. ;p

Hayate's in a good position now, though. Commanding a successful action with inadequate forces will do that for you, and she was already ahead of the curve in rank and power, with her own "young Turks" to do the dirty work of training and occasionally boot a head or two. Sure, she isn't Rommel reborn, but take our own military history - very few American generals have been fantastic geniuses, and most of the winners got to be that way because they learned and demonstrated how to properly deploy superior forces to achieve victory.
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