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I can't see any way for the TSAB to "recover" without completely new leadership, headed by a talented military-administrative genius (by Earth, not TSAB standards) with both a sound vision for the TSAB and authority over doctrine and training. To have any credibility, they would probably also need to be a mage and they would also need to have or develop like-minded officers as a staff. Even then, it would take years, maybe decades," to reverse the damage from all of the TSAB's "training."

Indeed, as long as the TSAB believes that there is nothing to be learned, nothing will be learned or changed.
How are they gonna "develop like-minded officers", when they don't have the right "first-mover" developers. Even if they decide they are gonna change, it is questionable whether they have, at present anyone (never mind whether said person has the various types of prestige to get everyone to listen) with the talents and knowledge to develop a General Staff that would be worth a darn.

Chief of General Staff "We need to review our COMSEC procedures so we don't keep getting bushwhacked by people with SIGINT capabilities."
General Staff collective: "What's COMSEC?"
Chief of General Staff resigns in disgust.

At this point, the only two paths I can see for real reforms (I'm actually assuming they are interested) in TSAB are:
1) Invasion or occupation by enemy power, who might just reform the TSAB as a puppet army. Unfortunately, no such enemy powers are in sight. Besides, they would probably just disband the whole institution and start over.
2) Acquire required talent from what may be the last reserve of them in Known Spacetime - the Terrans in the 97th Unadministered World. Bribe retired generals. Smuggle officers into various Terran military academies and Higher Schools. At this point, you don't have to be picky. Even the Military Academy of Zambia would probably be helpful. Of course, post-graduation and a short duration of service, smuggle them back to study the TSAB and institute reforms.
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