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For me it's more saying why the author would write a story like this... which doesn't make the motive to be fantasy but to be in another catbox.
Each game is a catbox with a truth contained within it. Although that does not change the fact that there clear motive within it with hints spread throughout. That was shown when Eva-Beatrice made a red statement about Kirie's motive.

Culprit,crime and motive is all contained within each game with hints spread throughout.

What do we know about the realcharacter of everyone?
There are more hints about Kirye being capable to kill people than about Shannon being capable to do it.

Though we know Shannon didn't commit any murder in Prime.
Yeah but Kirie has no real connection to the existence Beatrice. Beatrice is the central figure behind the first four games with both Kanon and Shannon having the closest connection to her in every game.

About Shannon not commuting any murder on Prime. Is the proof based on that final scene in EP8 where Beatrice kills herself?

Actually it's because I've love for Shannon that I refuse to see her becoming a sociopath murderer just to get Battler's attention.
It was not Shannon who was the culprit but Beatrice who wants Batter's attention. Shannon loves George and passed on her feelings to Beatrice.

In EP4 we seen that Beatrice holds something against Battler for a sin that was not committed to Beatrice but for someone else. That is an indication that Beatrice's motive did originate with her as she did not exist and Battler's sin being one of the factors on why the murders occurred.

Though I still think Kinzo's actions are horrible they still don't compare to the murder of all the Ushiromiya plus the sevants.
Also we don't even know how much Nanjo knew about Beatrice 2's situation or how bad exactly it was.
Nanjo said Kinzo admitted he felt attraction for her but he might have learnt he got Beato pregnant after Beato was dead... if he got her pregnant because there's even the suspicion Yasu isn't her daughter but someone Kinzo picked up to replace her (and there's even the theory not even Beato is Kinzo's daughter).
There is a precedent that Nanjo would cover other people's crimes if put into the right situation.We seen time again and again that he covers for others.

The problem you seem to have is that severity of the crime would mean that Nanjo would not help cover up things. If that is a problem then the pressure to cover up the murders was also more severe.

In the games is said also that Eva and Eva-Beatrice are the same person and that it's Eva-BEatrice the culprit behind the deaths in EP 3... Eva do not suffer of split personality though and she's not even the culprit in EP 3, apart for maybe Battler's murder.
Eva-Beatrice is not the culprit behind all of the murders. However she did kill a few people such as Rosa and Maria. For one thing those murders did not really fit with past ones with elaborate close rooms murders. The MO does not fits as it looks more like murder done is passion.

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There's a reason why series like Lost go so popular and I think by bringing up fantasy over mystery, Ryuukishi wanted us readers to get that same sort of feeling. It's ironic in that sense that we mostly ended up rejecting anything that isn't fantasy and ultimately forced ourselves to deception by accepting a pretty ... bland... why dunnit.
I think one of the themes in Umineko that fantasy is better and more comforting than mystery/reality. Reality will rarely live up to fantasy.

We a part of that when Bernkastel took a nice scene of Natsuhi talking with Beatrice and stripped away that illusion. As well the whole the theme of catboxs where anything is possible is better than a single truth.

In fact even the true form of Beatrice the scary, sneering and formidable witch has a rather pitiful form that she wants to hide. The truth of Beatrice is not great as the concept of an endless witch that can control life and death.
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