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Episode 07

I know I'm a bit late, but I felt I need to chime in. First off, man I had a big laugh at Shino falling off the dolphin. I'm currently at the beach, and I can outright say how LOL accurate it is to easily fall off a slim floating object, and they pulled it off here wonderfully with her. In fact, me vacationing at the beach right now made this episode even more enjoyabe, and I have to say from beginning to end it was all fun. Of course I really enjoyed the Hata-chan scenes as well, it was so expected for her to be there too.

And I like how the Tsuda x Shino just happens so nicely.

Man oh man Suzu... it's okay to laugh, right? I used to feel your pain when I was younger, 2nd smallest in the class...

Heh episode 08 already....

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