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Originally Posted by aliasxn View Post
Damn... I didn't want to believe it before, but when Mike said "I committed suicide for the sake of my beloved", they way the girls reacted... I really hope the manga doesn't go down that path, I hope I'm just reading too much into it.
It's not how the girls reacted, but how they didn't react. I'm pretty sure that Mike has told other people that the character commits suicide to protect her beloved, and they either think it is very romantic or feel revulsion. Given that the first Maidens gave themselves the sea god, the current Maidens probably do not find the idea very upsetting.

My take on the looks on the three Maidens' faces is more along the line of not finding the idea extraordinary, that it is something they could see someone feeling it would be necessary to do. Mike is probably surprised that the other girls wold be so accepting of the idea of giving up their lives to protect someone.
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