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Originally Posted by Ori View Post
Obviously they took a holiday during the production of this episode. But come on, after seeing the preview for this episode, I expected as much.
The art wasn't as good as the previous episodes, but I actually sort of liked the way they animated this episode.

Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Hmmm is it just me or are there quite a bit of 'grunt' pilots around that are capable of taking on the Gundams ?

I also like the idea that each faction tackles the Gundam problem in a different manner.
Union - Technology
HRA - Enhanced super soldiers
AEU - A private army

Sure the AEU's choice is a little weird (I mean having to hire another army to do a job your guys can't even do) but it's something.

Oye, I'm getting Mistao and Kaji vibes here.
Actually it's
Union: Economy and money
HRL: Technology
AEU: Private army and noob "aces"
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