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I think the letdown was really that the ending just went over the same ground as the end of the series, did so in a less hard-hitting way, and ultimately the movies took back what promised to be a really striking development (Akira becoming king). Yeah, I can see why that might not have been ideal... but why'd he ask for it in the first place?

Airship came out of nowhere for such a major plot point, and the function used at the climax really wasn't shown prior to that, so it was kind of a deus ex machina.

The reason why everything that was new is now old is because it was done before... in the very same series. Ultimately, it felt like the movies didn't contribute anything to the message that hadn't already been said or shown.

Enjoyable? I thought so, actually. I could watch Takizawa Akira run around doing his thing forever. It's just that I thought this movie would reach new heights for the series, and it didn't. I'd say watch it if you enjoyed the series because you'll probably like it, just temper your expectations.
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