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Calms down

I'm just speechless and mentally exhausted after coming back from the pub to watch the game.

All I had asked before the match was "Just score first and see what happens." Agger duly did it, and the pub (which was totally packed with Liverpool fans, not a blue in sight) erupted. After that, Benitez and Morinho basically cancelled each other out for the remainder of the 120 minutes.

I think I was at the edge of going insane near the end of extra time, though I was rather calm as the penalty shootout began, as I've seen Reina did his job in shootouts in the FA Cup final last year.

Reina saves the 1st one, though he misses Lampard's shot, but he made a second crucial save, and in the end Kuyt made it 4-1 on penalties (meaning Liverpool did not miss a single penalty), to send Liverpool to a second Champions League final in three years.

(An interesting observation: Reina and Jens Lehmann in Germany's World Cup win against Argentina last year may have shown that the key to winning shootouts may rest on the keeper instead of the shooters. )

It may not be as "beautiful" as last week's Man U vs AC Milan 3-2 game, but it certainly had a great atmosphere and a lot of heart put into it by the Reds.

The pub then did its own rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the same time as Anfield, simply unbelievable night. I only went expecting a great atmosphere with no regrets, but to actually win it. Two finals in three years is a great achievement in itself.

And if you believe the omens, for the past two years (2005-2006), the team that eliminated Chelsea would go on to win the Champions League. But I'll be taking nothing for granted.

The above link was a report by Soccernet after the first leg. The anonymous "Insider" gave a very biased anti-Liverpool report, gleefully saying he'd rather be with Chelsea fans than with "lowlife" Liverpool ones. Today's win makes it all the more sweeter as this arrogant git is forced to eat humble pie, as he totally forgotten to put the Anfield factor into consideration once again.
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