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Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
Correct on Ichigo, incorrect on Kenpachi...
In order to release their sword and acess it's unsealed power, the fighter needs to know the name of his sword... if they don't know the name that the sword can never be truly released, so currently, Kenpachi fights with his sword in it's sealed form

As for what kinda of release Kenpachi would have... i would imagine just a really big sword or a really big axe... raw power

as for bankai... either something like Ikkaku, just really big blades, or something like Ichigo, but not as small; less speed, but more power
correct on kenpachi. The SOULS databook states that kenpachi has a shikai, only that he dosent know it / how to communicate with it. His shikai is a perma-release type shikai. Whether you consider the databook canon, however is up to you.

Anyway, IMO zaraki is getting kinda boring with all the espadas and vaizards coming in. Id rather see Lisa releasing anytime over kenpachi releasing.
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