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Originally Posted by Shay View Post
^ Even your post is a "yawn" lol

It's common knowledge throughout the whole footballing world that the Italian type of play is slow and defensive. i.e. a yawn.

I swear I fell asleep once whilst watching a game. However, it was partly due to hypnotic, monotonous drumming from the fans, which is also a yawn.
Sorry but this kind of provocative posts like yours don't work at all. I've arguemented my reasons and explained them. Using the "common knowledge" as a backup excuse is far too easy if you cannot find concrete proofs and arguements based on facts to prove my point wrong. "A game"? Which game? Between which teams? When did it happen? Again, generalizing like you are doing just doesn't really work at all for me.

Originally Posted by Jinto Lin View Post
You guys must be lucky, you can see all these games without paying shitloads of money to a certain PayTV-company (well I know that the situation is equaly worse in italy...)
Thats kinda frustrating
Luckily I don't pay anything because my college dorm pays for it (Sky TV), so I am able to watch both Serie A, Serie B, and even Premier League and the Liga when there's not any serie A match going on at the same time. Since I generally do not have much to do during the afternoons on week-ends I end up watching most of the games.
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