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Originally Posted by willyvereb View Post
*I think most of the Sheryl haters are die-hard Ranka know the ones who see the triangle as a bloody war... But perhaps every good thing can trigger counter-reaction cuz **Sheryl is a way too perfect for some ppl(same way as i can dislike Minato [Akane-iro]aka the cyber maid), and even seems not a real person(i can oppose that statement tough). Not to mention that for me first ***Sheryl's looks was not something special in contrast with the lively Ranka image i've seen at ep 1.
*Keep in mind that the same can be said in reverse. Ranka fans can also say that those who hate Ranka are die-hard Sheryl fans. No matter what side of the coin you are, there will always be rabid ones about.
...But you do speak some truth *still remembers when her email was brutally abused >__>*.

**Sheryl is far from perfect. She has many flaws. @_@ But she makes up for all of it before series' end (as we can see in the 18+ episodes), which is why the fandom, IMHO, love her so much . *Squints* Oh you placed ...for some people, oh well.

***Gotta agree with you there. I'm not undermining Sheryl's looks but the pink hair and the assets didn't really impress me (GSD does that too you). Although, it didn't really bother me as much as Ranka's obvious moe-to-please-appearance did.
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