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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Mostly, I felt "I know you're the main character and all, but you should definitely have delegated that task, probably to Jiroumaru."
Wait a minute. You wanna trust Jiroumaru with doing something important? ANYONE would trust Jiroumaru with doing something important?

I guess the idea that they can wring through it without having their least experianced waitress around for awhile, but they definitely can't afford to not have a non BSODing Chef.

Though in terms of plotting, it's fairly obvious they're setting up a potential point of plot conflict with Ohana/Tohru. Since this is the SECOND time she's come dashing to him unannounced declaring that the inn vitally needs him. I continue to grow amused at people asserting that this was all going to be some easily resolved misunderstanding.
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