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What a weird episode. "Ugh" at Ren turning into a nervous wreck like that. Way to ruin what could of potentially been a great character. I honestly can never look at him the same again.

Kou coming to visit Ohana without telling her, what a surprise. This can only end badly and/or awkwardly. I guess it would be nice to have some more character development of Kou, not much is really known about him, I guess he deserves some more screen time.

Ohana running off to get Tooru makes me want to vomit, not because I hate Tooru's guts but because it's just such an insane thing to do, it doesn't make sense. I mean, guess it makes sense based on Ohana's character, but something seems off about the whole thing. The only reason I can see this happening is if this is a set up for some scene of Tooru hooking up with a chick at the wedding, and Ohana sees it, can't tell Minko, blah blah blah.

Even though a lot went on, I still felt it was a pretty boring episode, a lot of annoying things happened. Also, am I the only one who wants a OhanaXNobody ending? Actually, I guess it'll depend on what kind of guy Kou is, but I'd like it if they just stayed friends. ~_~
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