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This episode felt really underwhelming to me. We didn't even get a proper reason for Yayoi's psycho-path. Yes, they do mention that artists tend to have high psycho-path readings, but c'mon! That might say something about the Sibyl system, but it makes Yayoi's character feel really flat.

The confrontation between Yayoi and Rina at the end was all over the place too. Yayoi decided to leave the rehabilitation facility because of this girl (the pack of guitar strings Kogami showed her reminded her of Rina). Yet, when she realizes Rina isn't the person she thought she was (or that she changed), she's all ready to shoot her? What if the dominator wasn't locked? She might have killed the girl that was the very reason she was there in the first place.

At the end, after confirming that Yayoi tried to use the gun, Kogami tells Gino that Sibyl was right in her assessment of Yayoi (that she could make a good enforcer), and I couldn't help thinking, "that's not a compliment you idiot".

I don't even know why she accepted becoming an enforcer at the end. Did she do it because she felt betrayed? But she betrayed Rina as well, so what's her deal?

After episode 11, I was expecting more. I thought this episode would really flesh out Yayoi's character, but she comes out of it feeling totally flat.

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