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Originally Posted by Nightengale
It's really before GSD really. For some unknown reason, it seems mecha just isn't the thing nowadays. I was born imbued with the blood of mecha, so be it, but a lot of people in general just seems...sick of mecha. And h-game conversions seem to be the in thing nowadays. How complex.
While most people, including the studios, know mecha isn't 'in' at the moment there are plenty of shows that are mecha but perhaps pretend not to be to get around the apathy toward the genre. Good shows too like The Third, Innocent Venus and Flag. These maybe not be hardcore mecha shows but it's a key part of their story.

Hopefully Code Geass will restore some interest and faith in the genre. I'm trying to keep my expectations under control but tbh my only hope is that it will be addictive fun like Eureka 7.
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