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The complete copying of a story with no credit given, in the case of the chinese cctv example is pretty brutally frank about it's plaigarism, but my point was the creativity isn't that free flowing in japan, it's uses many already founded, successful ideas to come up with anime concepts, and they are never considered plagarism. This case is definitely a case of almost 1:1 copy but when you look at a series like gundam seed and first season of code geass, their are many local, situations reused in both series yet I don't remember people claiming plagarism when in fact using a trope or cliche could be considered a copy of an idea.

Anyway I just find that china itself is a contradiction, the rich elite/government want it to be a shining tower of power success and wealth whereas there are still many places of illiterate and poor. It's a country that has two faces, one of industrial power due to size and population, and another one of developing country just trying to stride to break into the 21st century. So it's hard to really prescribe the right reaction to this occurrence.
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