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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
That opening fight against Hades is one of the best anime fight scenes I have witnessed. Seriously, I love it when they do something other than 1 on 1, and that 5 on 1 assault was animated well, and the chosen music really enhanced it. Obviously, it couldn't be that easy to defeat him, but I felt it was just awesome. I really like to see fights between uneven numbers of people, with the good guys working together as a team. I think this is the evolution that action shonen as a genre sorely needs.

And Laxus is back. I have to admit, from reading the manga, I did wonder why he didn't charge up Fairy Law before revealing himself to Hades, but the explanation that he was no longer in the guild, and thus couldn't use it, makes sense. Probably also couldn't waste time in order to save Natsu. I'm not too thrilled about what happens next, even though it does make some sense.
Then someone should probably pull out a damn stamp so he can then smack Hades with it. If Cana can run around using Fairy Glitter (what a waste...) then it's a shame that someone who can actually use a spell of that level like Fairy Law can't because he's not part of the guild right now.

Did enjoy the 5v1. I mean yeah you knew it couldn't really work, but seeing a group attack is nice in this kind of series whenever it comes up. Have to give Fairy Tail some credit since they make more use of it than most. The three dragon slayers vs the King, Natsu and Gajeel vs Laxus, Natsu/Gray/Erza against that crazy giant flute early in the series, etc.
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