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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Then someone should probably pull out a damn stamp so he can then smack Hades with it. If Cana can run around using Fairy Glitter (what a waste...) then it's a shame that someone who can actually use a spell of that level like Fairy Law can't because he's not part of the guild right now.

Did enjoy the 5v1. I mean yeah you knew it couldn't really work, but seeing a group attack is nice in this kind of series whenever it comes up. Have to give Fairy Tail some credit since they make more use of it than most. The three dragon slayers vs the King, Natsu and Gajeel vs Laxus, Natsu/Gray/Erza against that crazy giant flute early in the series, etc.
I don't think you have to worry about Cana using Fairy Glitter again. She had a mark on her right arm when she received the spell, but after she used it, the mark vanished, especially apparent in episode 114 when she was lying face-down on the ground. Maybe her ability to use it was a one-time privilege.
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