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How's this?

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I fear it's still too dark, and lighting it up one frame at a time is rather time-consuming (maybe I'll give it a shot later), so for now, feel free to use it if you like, but don't force yourself ;-}

I couldn't resist to give it a shot, although the pic has been used by CrowKenobi already - if at all possible, it becomes a freebie if you don't want it. Should anyone take offence, I'll take it down!

Should Serenity85 not take it, feel free to PM me for another Sig Name if you are interested.
Hmmm dicissions decissions^^ I like them both *saves* Thanks to both of ya for them^^ But for now I'll use CrowKenobi's^^ tabun's is up for grabs for anyone else who would like it.

@CrowKenobi - You think you can change the boarder to nice black outline and also can you add these texts (without clutering the siggie)
"Spice and Wolf"

Much Thanks to Mr. Hat's for the siggy^^
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