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Yeah, yeah... but if you're going to post, Raphael - you should expect people to read and comment or dispute. So if you had originally *explained* why you have the opinion you do -- we wouldn't have to guess why you label the series.

Nice age stereotyping and insulting of me to sidestep the discussion.
I was having to guess why you think what you do about the series.
I happen to work with a lot of bright young people (I'm a debate coach and math/physics tutor) and I'm "confronted with young people on a daily basis" ... so your remarks don't stick well. Also a nice insulting negrep, however, I'll refrain from a "return fire".

Thanks for explaining your basis for your opinion of the series though. It might have saved you from the guesses we had to make concerning your posts on ep 1 and 2.

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