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Because you consider the following not insulting? ...
Yes, that was not insulting. People form ideas about someone based on the information or lack of it. That's how it works and it led to that assessment and you're not giving me much reason to change it so far. Saying someone doesn't seem to be aware of a class of subject matter based on their own words isn't an insult, its a hypothesis. You're welcome to supply data to dispute it and I'll change it accordingly. We can only work with what you tell us.

OTOH, making a sweeping generalization based on a stereotype of an entire age group rather than critiquing what an individual has said *is* being insulting or worse. Calling someone a moron *is* being insulting -- quite a bit different than "you don't seem to be knowledgeable about this subject".
You're also putting words in my mouth -- I didn't say anyone had to "bow" to what I taught. I said I spent time with young people every day and wasn't a stranger to their ideas. It was given in response to your idea that I was unfamiliar with being around younger people and listening to their ideas.

What your follow-up posts communicate to me is that you're not used to having your thoughts critically examined and react angrily when they are. Again, this is a discussion forum - not a press release site. Anyone posting should assume their comments may be examined and discussed, why are they posting otherwise?

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