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What about her motives for seducing Saito-who,alone,defetead 70000 people(how long will we have to wait before seeing it translated at baka tsuki,i'm wonder...)was she jealous of Louise and was she after his power-when i say jealous i mean to have someone so strong protecting her?
Securing Saito's loyalty of course. Saito is just outspoken all the way about foolishness of the whole war business and is only willing to protect Louise. He has no reason to work for the Queen other than as part of helping Louise.

Saito, despite been seen as stupid ecchi, is actually much more capable doing stuff whereas Louise is highly unreliable. Louise gambled her money away because she can't stand not having amenities. Louise has so far fumbled from one fluke to the next. It is a miracle that she is not dead already.

Henrietta very much want Saito to work for her.

However, let's not forget Saito is very much always looking for a way home and Louise is very committed to realizing that goal. That, of course, is not working towards Henrietta's end. At the very least, she can't have Louise run off far and away and possibly get herself caught by other people. Therefore, Henrietta has alot of reason to keep Saito attached and not returning home.

One thing that happened in 14 is Louise taking upon herself to strike a deal with the Pope to return Saito home. In return Louise is agreeing to work directly for the Church. I think Henrietta is again alarmed at the prospect of losing Louise and Saito, and is going to work overtime securing their loyalty.
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