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i'm interested about what you said about henrietta power base:did she made the water spirit knight for saito or did they exist before(did she fire their previous captain so she could replace him with Saito?)?And i know saito(and maybe louise)did give up his title so he could save tabitha;so what is saito current position now-can he be considered a noble or just a knight again?
And one last question,i'm very interested about vindalf personnality:is he better than the pope and what does he think of saito?Why did he give louise back to tristain army in vol.8(wasn't his mission to cupturse her or at less to take her ring)?He tought saito was about to die so he has no reason to keep his promise;that's why i think of him as a better guy than the pope-conflicted loyalty?-am i wrong?
The Water Spirits Knight was an old group that had an distinguishing history and no longer existed. The newly formed Knights are merely taking on its name. Saito is perhaps given a noble title and placed there to keep him occupied. The members seems to have the requisite magic skill but is absolutely undisciplined as a military unit. I think the value of the Knights are more in their loyalty to the Queen alone. For the real heavy lifting Henrietta much more often deploys the musketeers.

The noble title was re-instated after Tabitha was rescued.

Can't figure out the last question.
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