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Tabitha is always a rather hard to read character so you have to read her by her actions instead, and in this aspect it si pretty obvious that she trusts much more Saito or Kirche than her cousin.

As for Henrietta abusing her power. Simple things - finding Saito to do around her to keep him at her place even if there wasn't anything to do really. But Henrietta made sure he would spend more time around her rather than with Louise.

I do not think Henrietta is very good at manipulating yet either. Like she relies on Louise and Saito's miracles too much, but she can be the last obstacle given the situation.
there's a saying in french:"with a friend like him(/her)i don't need a foe";i guess it's what you think she is for saito-tachi;but i'm no sure any of you said anything about what she think of the war against the elf to "recover the holy land",did she agree with the pope?
More importantly,if i can still annoy you guy,could you give a bref summary of the encounter of saito with brimir and his elf-it's bound to have an importance in the next volume,especially when the elf will get involved.
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