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Sorry about the bad explaination before
I kind of rushed through the whole book so I could be the first one to post the summery
Finished the book in two and half hrs:
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Well to answer your question. Saito is the gunner, since he is the one with full knowledge and skill to operate the tank. And as i mentioned above ,Tablitha was the loader. Professor Colbert the other person with any technical skill was the driver. Kirche was sitting in the communicaton/radio seat.(she did nothing other than to watch and cheer Colbert on ). The commander 's seat/cupola was empty most of the time, Although Later on Louise occupied the commander seat.

And upon more detailed reading. The Kiss wasn't what returned Her memory. Apparently it was the same as saito in a dream of the past. The Gandalfr rune apparently holds the memories of all past Gandalfr and their "void" masters. Saito's kiss transfered the memory back to her. And apparently even some of saito 's memory is transferd to Louise. Bottomline is now that the two can now share memories through the Gandalfr rune. For example Louise now knows what saito's mother looks like and she sees sporadic images of saito's world. And also she also knows some of the things Saito didn't want her to now, needless to say hilariousness in the forms of beating ensued.

Wait, is this memory transfer permanent? So now Louise can remember everything Saito think about at any given moment? O_O

Suicide now boy! before it is too late
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