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Originally Posted by Cats View Post
Keep it clean. Often such customization have led to basic functions such as Watchlists, Recent Changes malfunction (functions essential for maintaining the wiki). I see no reason for this Forum - to - Wiki link to begin with.

You have been warned =P
While I haven't looked at the code yet, I don't think it should be that hard to:
- Disable any form of anonymous login or normal (direct-on-wiki) registration
- Make a special page that allows wiki "registration" using your forum login
- Hijack login system to check forum db for password, not wiki db
- Run a script so that various things remain in sync (ie: if user is banned on forum; ban him on wiki)

AnimeSuki v3, which I was working on but lately I haven't made to much progress on, uses forum registration for it's login system. In addition, I had planned a wiki system of sorts where users will be able to make changes to series & group information pages directly.
Spoiler for AnimeSuki v3 preview:
Slice of Life's plans don't really fit into the wiki system I had planned for the site, because that wiki system will be tightly integrated with the torrent listings, plus it won't be using any existing code so building it will take a lot of time.

One thing I hadn't figured out for AnimeSuki v3 yet is where to put the License Database feature. However, a (separate) AnimeSuki wiki could be a suitable place for the license database as well, with anyone being able to add new additions, make corrections and expand on info (precise DVD release dates etc). While the license database doesn't intergrate well with the new-series-info idea of Slice of Life, we can simply give it a seperate "portal" page. However, when things overlap (unaired but already licensed series) you can't avoid naming the licensee (ie. Funimation) and linking to places where you can buy or view it legally (ie: Crunchyroll).

And while I'm typing this... that's another idea again of course, to keep a overview of series available for free streaming in the wiki. Or simply make it a category listing.

Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
Right now, there isn't really a single website that will give me all I know about a series. It usually takes a combination of 2 or 3 sites, and a place that has everything would be great. The torrent page on AS is one of my favorites, since it has links to lots of anime database sites. Having everything available in a wiki would be great.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Do you mean the wiki should duplicate information already (reasonably reliably) found on other sites, such as the extensive cast & crew info found in the ANN Encyclopedia? Because I don't think we should go that far. Essentially put - what info do you need to visit 2-3 sites for and would you like to see combined in the wiki?
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