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Originally Posted by Cats View Post
I'm kinda seeing more editing there then just the registration page if you do it like that; you have to hijack the entire security layer and also by refering dirrectly to the forum user tables you now break the History, Recent changes, Watchlist (essential) features which relied on whatever wikidb table to store the information. Tables which would now be little more then null given you are now using only forum tables for login purposes.
It wasn't my intention to fully integrate whatever wiki software we'd end up using (probably MediaWiki) with the forum user table, due to the problems you refer to, but also to avoid lag: I do not intend to run the wiki on the same server as the forum, nor even the same datacenter or city. So the latency would be bad.

What I was referring to was to disable the standard registration feature of the wiki software and to allow people to "register" using their forum login. The script would then import all data from the forum DB and create a wiki account with it, preferably also maintaining the same userid.

The only thing that then also needs hacking is any code that involves validating passwords (because that would need to verify it on the forum and not the wiki table in order to keep them in sync) and the profile pages need to be hacked to an extend so that information that can be input in the forum's User CP can't be changed from the wiki's profile editing page. This info (email, timezone, username, etc) can then also be synced upon each succesful login or using a cron job.

This essentially is also how AnimeSuki v3 works. Same problem, same solution. It was just easier to implement.
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