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Originally Posted by Slice of Life View Post
Here's a condensed version of how I imagine the list of upcoming anime:
  • entries at Anidb, ANN, Anfo, APlanet, ...
  • other informative(!) sources if English language information is scare
  • NOT: every fan rave on every blog in existence

Watcha think?
I'd like to see the studio in there, and also links to MAL. People seem to frequently ignore it, but it's a lot bigger than AniNFO (which is practically dead these days) and Anime-planet.

Also Wiki links, since practically all manga/anime/etc have them, so if it's an established franchise Wiki will have info, though people should be aware it usually contains spoilers.

I definitely agree with no blogs. I'd rather keep it to DB sites.

Edit: also, a Kairin logo would be good. Go poke some of the artists.
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