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Yuri explained the situation and told everyone to find inner peace and vanish before the shadows get them ( easier said than done)

She herself wants to find the culprit. By deduction she thinks that the culprit is someone who is using Angel Player (Kanade's manual) to hack the world using one of the school computers

She infiltrates the computer lab and finds a lab tech there, but he just turns out to be an NPC.
After searching further she finds a hidden hatch that leads underground to the guild.

This means that the culprit came or had access to from the guild

Primary suspects

1) Christ: God complex. Knows about Angel Player. Proven to be versatile with a computer.
2) Chaa. Suspiciously absent. One of the longest players and has considerable knowledge about the world.
3) Someone we haven't seen yet. Possible but that would kill the drama.
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