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His father and the currently terrorist leader Cecil (the super hot sexy chick) can just use their thoughts alone to cause weaker people to submit to their wills in a mind-control like state (eg his father can just think "fall down" and a bunch of A-Class babel students would just fall), which Akatsuki can't do yet even though he can emit a very strong sense of pressure. So yeah they are hax. Not sure about how Akatsuki's brother is but he would at least be on that level.

There's no mention of such things. It is said that in very rare cases that people who travel to the other worlds can have their DNA structure fundamentally altered such that on the DNA level they would become a completely different person. If it was that dangerous Akatsuki wouldn't let Chikage and the others go with him so easily - its not his kind of play to easily risk other's life without telling them the consequences.

It's the other way around. The brother is the leader of COCOON and the father the ex-leader of the terrorists.

Died a year after giving birth to his sister.
Absorbing others' abilities by killing them? Great. I always thought that Renkan keikikou was a little lacking. Unique, but lacking. This makes it all better.

I'm guessing this absorption is a passive skill?
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