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Originally Posted by GundamFan View Post
I'll agree with you there I always assumed Godou would endup fighting the last Campione at some point it's an obivous plot direction but that doesn't mean he is the final big bad.

So it's been definetively confirmed the the full extent of Excalibur's abilities and Godou's ability to use them.

No that's what's most important to you some of us it's more about the journey then the end results and find it rather cheap when characters get entire new set of abilities right at the end of the story. And I'd say any divine weapon that's a descent counter part to Kusanagi Sword is going to qualify as that.

The thing is though the game your comparing Campione to getting the sword and beating this big bad were the entire point it wasn't a hax power up that he got at the end that you found out about late in the game. Also you should give the author of Campione! some credit I'm sure he could come up with somewhere for the series to go.
It is a hax power up that you only found out in the end. You only find out at the end that the big bad is doing what he did so that he could regain the use of this sword--which could only be unsealed by killing your family was a mediocre ending. As it turned out, it was a rushed ending, and the cheap, greedy, dishonest company(take a guess at who it is) that produced this game then released a 'full' version of the game--forcing players to buy the game again except this version had some additional addons. Eitherway, my point is that the sword's full power was too haxed that they didn't even allow you the chance to test it out, and when the 'full' version of the game came out, which finally allows you the chance to test this sword out(you find that the big bad has escaped death and his soul is recuperating), they freaking scaled down the power of the sword!

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