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Originally Posted by Ken Sanders View Post
I think it's time for JPS a.ka. Annie Charlton to shine in the next volume, don't you think?

At the very least, Annie will be able to know what it means to be in relationship.

Oh, and maybe, just like the time with Erica, they'll drink together and Godou will see the other side of her; and Godou will surely be shock to see that. Now that's a "perfect Dinner" of the two Campiones.

It's a very big chance for her, after all the things she has done for protecting her country. Well, they're only, what, like 10 years in age gap. "Don't sweat the small stuff" as they say.

I guess Godou will show her the ropes and then charmed her unknowingly. If it happens, the 4 wives will be wary of her if their relationship escalates.
Hate it so far aside from Godou Annie is the only fairly normal Campione don't want to see her turned into a pedophile.

Originally Posted by darthfanta View Post
It is a hax power up that you only found out in the end. You only find out at the end that the big bad is doing what he did so that he could regain the use of this sword--which could only be unsealed by killing your family was a mediocre ending. As it turned out, it was a rushed ending, and the cheap, greedy, dishonest company that produced this game then released a 'full' version of the game--forcing players to buy the game again except this version had some additional addons.
Well how the hell was I suppose to know that from your description I wasn't even sure which game you were talking about man. And really that's why I'm hoping Godou gets this sword sooner rather then later I hate having something that big tacted on the end and preferably it will be a female demigod afterall I'm sure Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi could use a companion.
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