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Originally Posted by mike211 View Post
White sword could mean good and black could mean evil, Kusanagi Sword come fron Yamata no Orochi so it black, Golden sword come from V-chan (a god) so it white.

What i'm trying to say, the White sword might not imply a new weopon but reference to the Golden sword as a weapon of a god.

another thing.
Spoiler for question:
I believe that the white sword is excalibur. That sword has a white colour.I'm also pretty sure that's what Godou would get if he k.oes the Last King. There's no such thing as good and evil in this series. The serpent Susanoo fought may as well be Kushi-inada-hime, the woman Susanoo married, similar to how Andromeda IS the serpent Perseus 'slew'.As for Guinevere,
Spoiler for v 10:

By the way, there's something major I forgot to add in the quick summary:

Spoiler for vol 13:

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