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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Uhmm... excuse me? Please explain why Gene who has a wheel of attacks shouldn't be in this game while Kiryu does?

Next you'd say Crash doesn't belong in it.
Sigh... Because Kiryu has built a legecy with Playstation that's why. He is in 6 exclusive games on Playstation, 7 if you count Kenzan, spanning over the PS 2 and 3. Yakuza is one of the last semi big third party series that remain exclusive to Sony. All 9 games are exclusive to the Playstation brand. He is the closest to being a first party character to Sony without being first party. Sega could go multi or switch whenever they want. Kiryu, like Crash and Spyro, is a character that belongs among the first into this game. Kiryu is bigger and much more well known than (sadly) Gene could ever be.

Crash belongs into this game because he was created on the PS. He was the mascot of the PS one and created by one of Sony's biggest first party studios. Problem here is that he belongs to Activision and Seth and Omar implied that the problem with him is on Activisions side. So that's that.

People do not talk about Gene beacuse he is a Playstation character. They talk about him because he is the main character of the best beat em up game ever created. He is part of Clovers (Platinums) legacy. Do not believe that God Hand would be an exclusive game to the Playstation today as it was during the time of the PS2. That's why he should not have priority over others. That he has a wheel of attacks is not relevant and should not be the reason why a character should be included or not. Gene in this game would be as strange as Big Daddy is now. While I would be happy it would be questionable for him to be in before others.

Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Yet Warhawk and a new girl that is in a newly released game should?

No sense being made @_@
Playstation Allstars is supposed to celebrate the Playstation legacy. First party first and foremost. Third party should be well known and a big part of the legacy i.e. Crash, Spyro, Snake, Kiryu, Raiden, Dante etc.

Warhawk, Warhawk remake (PS3) and Starhawk are first party and part of it. While Emmett is a strange choice and I personally don't like it and think it's a wasted slot he is at least first party and should offer interesting gameplay.

Kat is the main of an acclaimed first party game. She is among the most likeable characters Sony has ever created with an interesting power. She quickly become a fan favourite and was one among the most requested characters for Allstar enough that it even suprised Superbot. Go on every possible board and you will see that her announcemet makes people cheer more than any other character till now.

It makes absolutely sense that people want first party in a game that is supposed to celebrate Playstation. Some may be strange others are perfect. Kat is the latter, Emmett and a hypothetical Gene are the former. Why is this so hard to understand.

Do you think that R.O.B or Marth are know characters in SSB. No. Yet people want them in because they are part of Nintendo

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