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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Ah well, I still get to mop you and your kat with Raiden :P
Ah well maybe it will be Spike. Actually my biggest wish is Dart from the Legend of Dragoon. The game sold more than a million copies. After canceling the sequel I don't know why Sony doesn't at least give us a character here.

Oh yeah about the DLC characters

+ Seth Killian on November 15th, 2012 at 10:15 am said:
Yes, happy to say both Kat and Emmett have full story modes complete with rivalry cinematically. Are they rivals? Hmmm…

Seems like Seth did not lie when he said that DLC characters will have everything the launch roster has and be free (at least in the beginning). Also the last part is interesting. The rumors say that Ryu Hayabusa will be announced but I hope that's not true.

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