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There may not be any light novel information backing up my answers, but that is because there simply isn't any about your question. You're the one asking a question that has no answer, and I'm merely trying to answer it with inferences from what information we already know from the light novel.

What makes you think Black Lotus can hold anything even when her swords are in storage?

Body parts of avatars still leave certain parts of themselves on the body even after. Ring deactivated. Back Lotus' swords don't dissappear completely after she deactivates them. They shrink.

Haru's wings are stored into two compartments in his back, wheras Enhanced Armaments like Cyan Pile's Pile Driver, Scarlet Rain's Immobile Fortress and Dusk Taker's Pyro Dealer all unequip and leave no traces of themselves on the user. So it is safe to assume that Lime Bell's arm is also an Enhanced Armament as it can also be unequipped the same way.

Also, the Armor of Catastrophe is the only known Enhanced Armament to ever do that. That's why when Kuroyukihime introduced it to the gang, she made special mention of it. If it was the same for all Enhanced Armaments, it wouldn't make much sense for her to take special note of it.

Silver Crow's wings are a body part, not an Enhanced Armament. Obviously it would have different properties from an Enhanced Armament, so your comparison is invalid.

Unless you've never played an MMORPG before, you would know that all equip panel items are classified according to slots so that they do not conflict with each other. That is why it may have simply been a case of both Gale Thruster and Silver Crow's wings belonging to different slots as both items do not conflict with each other.

TLDR: Enhanced Armaments and body parts each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Neither is truly better than the other. Stop whining.
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