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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
What's wrong with romance?
For me, it mostly has to do with the fandom getting so fixated on shipping that it often ends up ignoring other things like atmosphere or theme. I don't mind there being some of it, but when it becomes the primary focus, I just tune right out. That's the primary reason why I watch romantic comedies for the comedy.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
It went from a romance in a Rome-like place with lots of fantasy elements to a slice of life show in Japan with one fantasy element. In other words, it went from "different" to "conventional".
There are more things that can mark a series as being "different" than its premise. Again, atmosphere, theme, direction, writing - a unique identity can come from any one factor, and it doesn't necessarily need to be premise.

Not to mention all stories go through several revisions. Sometimes ideas sound good on paper, but pulling them off in a way that's entertaining for people to read becomes a challenge. That's just part of what goes into creating art.
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