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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
You misunderstood my post. I never said there was anything wrong with romance. I would have been okay with that too, even more so since the synopsis made it sound like it would be unconventional.
Right. We both liked the possible yuri here. That's why I was surprised by you being cool with less romance.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

I disagree with your statement though. Good romances are more easy to come across than good slice of life shows especially in the iyashikei subgenre. I consider myself lucky when I can find one of them in a season (this season, it's Hidamari).
Well, to be fair, I'm speaking as someone with pretty high standards for good romances. Also, I'm thinking "Romance as the primary genre".

Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
Hidamari Sketch's Sae/Hiro/Natsume love triangle. It's developed really gradually, but at this point, the bond between Sae and Hiro is so strong that the characters don't even need to comment on it to know it's there. (Natsume is still left out in the cold. Such is her lot in life.)

But that's the thing with challenges - they're also less likely to be polished. I really hate to pull out quotes, instead preferring to speak in my own words, but there's something to be said on this.

"Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good."

Something conventional can be more efficient, and, once it doesn't have to polish its premise, can focus on other things. A lot of my favorite works are based entirely on this notion.
I get your point, but my view is that KyoAni has "been there, done that" almost a dozen times over already.

For a company as successful as them, it would be nice to see them take a real artistic challenge every now and then. Yes, a risk can blow up in your face, Guilty Crown-style (still, that was nonetheless commercially successful). But it's also where you're most likely to find your Madoka Magicas.
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