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I get your point, but my view is that KyoAni has "been there, done that" almost a dozen times over already.
But they have enough talent and support from the people that know them that, as long as they feel comfortable with what they're doing, who are we to ask them to come back to England? They don't "owe" it to anybody to be artistic - in fact, they may even be artistic already and people are overlooking the "low" nature of their medium in the Western world that the real technical qualities that make something a work of art - and that's how most works of art come about, by accident. This time, I'm going to quote a friend of mine.

"Art is not produced by highfalutin dudes in puffy shirts studying and analyzing what worked and then replicating it. Art is produced by the populist mass media by complete accident. Only time and distance separate Falstaff from Fonzie or Optimus Prime."

I think I've wrung out this analogy enough.
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