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Spoiler for Somewhat off-topic rant about anime romances:

In regards to "slice of life" and "high school settings" in general, yeh it's definitely overused. As a subgenre recently, there's been a lot of "friendship" based anime too which I don't know when it exactly started but I do know it started to skyrocket in number since Anohana's massive success. I'm not exactly sick of it yet since a significant number of shows I liked this year came from this theme (Natsuiro Kiseki, Tsruitama and Tari Tari being examples) but there is indeed a "higher threshold" it needs to obtain on the execution side for it to be great. Tari Tari achieved that execution scale with flying colors so it passed, but something like Natusiro Kiseki probably not. The currently airing Chuunibyou does not either for me.

Tamako Market will then now need to somehow be extraordinary in its execution to stand out from the pack. If it's anything like the faffing about and "huur duuur laugh at semi-mentally disabled girls doing cute things" K-on was, then no it will personally not work on me and I'll dismiss it straight away. If it's something like Tari Tari or Hyouka which somehow made really generic premises into something truly great then I'm all for it. Execution is key here.
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