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I was writing a couple of lengthy replies but I kept losing them due to random power outages where I live. Anyway, here goes my response:

I never said Ali didn't have extensive experience, skill, and tactics. However, unlike someone whose options in combat are limited because they follow some pre-established rules of engagement(Meisters, Graham, A-Laws and Federation grunts), Ali just doesn't give a fuck about morals, ethics, or rules. Which is what makes those rules of air combat even deadlier in his hands. If throwing a bus full of civilians at the enemy mobile suit would give him the upper hand in a fight, he won't think twice about doing so.

And I stand by my statement that the Meisters are in fact relatively incompetent pilots who use their Gundams as a crutch due to their crappy piloting skills. The only reason they owned entire armies was 80% due to their massive technological advantage in season 1 and only 20% due to piloting ability. That and because the writers said so.

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Okay, since you're apparently a total pillock, I will explain it in layman's terms.

Ali has NO SENSE OF HONOR. He may not be totally insane, but he doesn't fight like a knight, or someone with a sense of nobility about themselves. He says "Fuck you" to precepts and rules of combat- which do exist- and fights like a wild beast, and dominates people in the process- case in point, his most recent battle. He is relentless, without mercy, without compassion, without remorse, and without any sense of ruth. (And there's a difference between being ruthless because one, along with their skills, is a beast on the battlefield, and one being apparently 'ruthless' because they're following orders. You want a real-life definition of ruthless, look at the Russians in WWII around the closing stages. They were following their own orders- namely, kill any German in sight, whereas the Americans were following set objectives and not raging like total madmen. That is RUTHLESSNESS.

Graham, on the other hand, fights, AGAIN, with a strict moral code in mind and abides by an equally strict code of honor. He battles as if the rules of combat- and rules are made to be broken- cannot be broken. If it were Ali, or any other soldier, he would have gutted the downed 00 when he had the chance, but AGAIN, Graham didn't, because he fights with honor. Now, use what logic you have, and pit someone who fights by honor to the letter against someone who does the exact opposite, and someone who is a merciless murderer like Ali is.

I'm fully expecting your ego to shine, though, so I don't expect anything good out of you.
It also helps that Ali absolutely enjoys being in combat, I mean it's almost an orgasmic experience for him. While he may not be insane, he most certainly is a psychopath.
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