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I actually wanted to avoid getting into this argument as I found it fairly pointless but I'll just weigh in a bit.

While I do see situations where Ali's ruthlessness would be beneficial I also feel it other situations where it can be a problem. Let's take when Ali critically damaged Lockon's Gundam in S1. He's ruthlessly went in to kill Lockon and that what lead to his Gundam being destroyed and him getting hurt. When you know you enemy is just out to kill you and won't allow you to surrender you will be more prone to fighting to the death instead of surrendering. He has a bounty on his head by most of the Gundam pilots already. He is hated and many characters would kill him if they had the opportunity. I think most will agree that his chance of dying this season is well past 100 percent while Graham has a decent chance of actually living.

Ruthlessness can be extremely beneficial but it's highly dependent on the situation and can be equally a hindrance. Because, Ali is more ruthless doesn't mean he's better or worse than Graham though or would win a fight between the two.
I agree that being ruthless doesn't automatically equate to being victorious but it does give you a significant advantage. In a game of one-upmanship, the one who wins is the person who's willing to go to extremes.

I also agree that having a reputation as bad as the one which Ali has isn't exactly good for one's well-being in the long term. Unless Ali is the 00 version of Yazan from Zeta and ZZ.

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