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Just a possibility, but wouldn't it be nice to have a "[Anime] Legend of Golden Witch animated *Spoilers included*" once the anime starts airing?
I'm sure as hell quite a lot of people -despite all the warnings and stuff- are going to answer the episode (with small "e" as in anime episode) threads, but those people could use said thread instead of posting in the epi threads.
Additionally we VN readers wouldn't have to worry about spoilers there. I mean we could use the the spoilers and speculation thread for that, but
a) it's not really a speculation for example which scenes we are looking forward in the next episode judging from the preview.
b) thinking about the future, those people who decide to watch Umineko years later (and they played the VN first too) can read stuff like that a bit easier, and they wouldn't have to go back 50-200 pages inside the speculation thread, when one is curious about what the other VN players thought in the past.

I personally think it would be easier for you mods too, than banning lots of inconsiderate people.
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