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i didn't read every post so someone might have said this.

Shift Shift Fruit

You can shape yourself into any object, person, or thing you have a vivid memory of and use their ability to a surtain extent. For example you could turn into a gun and shoot some one(it wouldn't penetrate as far), or turn into luffy and use his power (but you couldn't stretch as long and you would feel pain in your muscles after changing back).

Fish can also be taken shape of but you will imediatly take original form when you touch the water. Your shape can only be as big as the size of a house and as small as a baby ant. If you stay in the form for more than 10 min. you will rapidly fade away into oblivion.

Also i was thinking the same way luffy and chopper have a level up on thier power (luffy's gears and chopper's medicine balls), say if the character assigned this power was to have had a near death experience as a child and seen the land of Gods. Now when ever he went unconcious he took a form of one of the Gods he seen (God of Destruction, God of Creation).

In the begining their was Cupcake, and Cupcake was with Gir, and Cupcake was Gir. With out Cupcake everything that is would not be.
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