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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
I see what you almost did there *force-slap

Hmm, streamed definitely means censored at first run. Ah, how long will I wait for an episode 07.

And wowser, you actually knew it was from Project Diva, somebody is a big Hatsune Miku fan
yeah not just Miku im fan of Vocaloids as a WHOLE an im saving up to buy a new PSP 3000 so i can play project diva 2 outside or in school hehehe and is waiting anxiously for project Diva aracade to me launched internationaly reason why i stopped playing project diva simple IT BUSTED MY CIRCLE BUTTON

anyway after watching and rewatching episode 1

sakamoto seems kinda not her character at first........though miyafuji's voice IS SOOOO IRRITATINGLY CUTE and micchan join the army and sign under miyafuji's assitant soo you wont feel alone when left out and so you can have your oh soo wanting yuri moments in your bunk beds >_< (which is by the way i soo would totaly go for)
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