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Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
What about Deep fried food?
First pre-fabricated structures and then mayo and fried food. Truly Saru is an innovator... by going back in time and stealing other people ideas.

Also, a gender-swapped Oda Nobunaga judging a cooking contest, now I HAVE seen everything. And before you ask, I have seen a man eat his own head! (South Park/Team America reference)

That said, I think its about time Sagara learns to use a katana, a naginata, a Tanegashima musket or something... Personally, if I were in Saru's place, that would be the first thing I'd do.

Personally I'd go with a Tanegashima with a few custom additions- a bayonet, double barrel, and if possible, rifling. Also, perhaps a pair of custom double barreled versions matchlock pistols. Imagine something like these, but with two barrels and maybe a more "modern"-looking grip. Also, of course, some sort of melee weapon, like a katana.

Also, does anyone know how many episodes this series is? I wonder if they'll make it to the Battle of Nagashino, and of that matter, if it will reveal if Nobuna manages to escape the fate of her real-life counterpart?

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