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Originally Posted by Eidolon Sniper View Post
I think it means that there are people who do not like the way Lacus is running the show... this day should always be remembered!
Ill be honest and upfront.... YES i dislike LUCAS and KIRA

I just hate their one sided smackdowns...

If Mitsuo Fukuda only knew how to make both sides balanced in their struggles to reach their goals.... But no instead we didnt see that at all... It was pretty obviouse that its going to be a one sided show with BS that would only enhance their ability on bringing down powerfull identities with little effort.

To be honest whats the point of having a 3rd season if its only going to be one sided smackdowns and omnipotent princess who knows all. You might as well watch seed and destiny over and over again and be satisfied that they are invulnerable to all forms of resistance. With this formulae for GS3 the end results will be the same, but just with a different one sided story.

I just hope, JUST HOPE that Fukuda does a 180 degrees and show their downfall from their golden age of Triumphs. But this is asking too much for them to make a decent Gundam show were all different parties are trying to achieve their goals without onesided flawless victories.

If Fukuda can change his one sided formulae and allow KIRA and LUCAS to be defeated again and again and then totally defeated... IM VERY SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE WILL HAVE RESPECT FOR THAT MAN.. Until then there will be a great divide of fans for the SEED series...
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