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Originally Posted by Sephi View Post
Was a misunderstanding of me than. I assume any random stuff since you said push the closest data to close that free block. If that would be the case it would be ineffective ^^

And meh, guess some sites are sprouting nonsense than about photoshop not working. I still got my pagefile enabled though, i disabled it for a short time before, but since i didn't notice a difference i just enabled it again to be on the save side.

But uhu since you mentioned not using swap files. Do you notice a performance gain? Or any advantage at all?
Yes. I do. Plus I don't hear my HDD making it's awful writing noise. I think performance should noticeable pretty fast. I mean why the hell do I need a memory that works at milisec speed while I can use a nanosec speed one? I don't go over 2 GB of used ram so I don't run the risk of a program failing.
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